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2001 Edition: Regulation
The International Chess Festival includes the following tournaments:
Master Open Reserved for players with ELO FIDE, and players with Italian ELO >1899.
1st National Reserved for players with ELO 1700-1899.
2nd National
Reserved for players with ELO <1700.
3rd Category Promotion Tournament: reserved to players without ELO.

Master Open
9 Rounds - Swiss System - Time: 40 moves in 2 hours, then 20 moves each following hour, time control at the 40th, 60th, etc.
After six game hours, stop and renewal at 9 a.m. of the following day for a maximum of 4 hours.
The renewal of the last round but one is at 21.30 of the same day.
The renewal of the last round but one and of the last round will be played to the bitter end.

Other Tournaments
8 Rounds - Italo Swiss System - Time: 40 moves in 2 hours + 1 hour Q.P.F.

Both italian and foreign players can take part at the tournament.
The foreign players who are not in the FIDE list have to exhibit a document of their chess federation attesting their game strenght.

Achievement and variations of FIDE ELO and FIDE TITLES
As from FIDE normative.

Tie break
In case of equal standings in order to determinate the final classification it will be used the italian variation of the Bucholz System.

Pre-Registration and Information
Tel. and Fax + 39 02 95302021
Tel. 02 9513573
Email marcopagno@tiscalinet.it

Organizational contribution Lit. 100.000 (Lit. 70.000 for women and players of the Promotion Tournament, Lit. 50.000 for the Juniors born after the 31.12.84).
Free registration for GM, IM and FM.
The registration will be accepted till the final term that is the drawing of the first round, subordinated to the availability of room and material.

For what is not considered in this regulation-notice are valid the norms of the FIDE International Regulations and the FSI Technical Regulations in force during the tournaments.
The registration to the tournament involves the total and unconditioned acceptance of the rules of this notice.
The organisation reserves itself the right to introduce changes that could be useful for the success of the chess festival or in case of uncontrollable events.

It is strictly fordidden to smoke and to use portable phones in the tournament hall

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